Chinese Materials

Chinese materials ein Bild


Childhood Memories Song

Chinese Classic Folk Song 3

Chinese Labs

Chinese School Yard Song

Colour TV Documentary CDs China (26 min)

A View of Traditional Chinese Opera Art (40 min)

Chinese Spring Festival (20 min)

Chinese Tea Culture (54 min)

Hero (98 min)

Integrated Chinese Text

Lessons 18-22

Lessons 12-17

Lessons 9-11

Lesson 23

Lessons 4-8

Origins of Chinese Festivals (Comic Book)

Pinyin Master CD

Pinyin Master CD



Chinese Home Cooking

Communicate in Chinese 1-1

Communicate in Chinese 1-2

Communicate in Chinese 1-3

Communicate in Chinese 1-4

Communicate in Chinese 1-5

Communicate in Chinese 1-6

80’s Classic


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